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Civil Engineering BTEC HND

Our BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) programme in Construction & Built Environment places academic theory within a practical context. The Course is suitable for those who intend to pursue a career in the engineering industry. It also offers valuable experience lading to a qualification recognized by employers and professional bodies alike.

Why take this course? What will I experience?

This qualification offers a combination of pathways and units that will allow
you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work within one of

the most dynamic and growing areas of the global economy. Responding
to an environment in which the construction industry, around the world, is
in greater and greater need for technically skilled and professionally aware
individuals to help drive the industry forward, these qualifications represent
a valuable opportunity for you and potential employers. This qualification
has been developed in collaboration with industry experts, universities,
colleges and students to ensure that it is a programme that meets the
needs of both today’s students and the industry’s future

Here are some routes our HND have pursued: Opportunity

– Design & Build Co-coordinator; Construction
– Site Supervisor; Site Manager; Project
– Manager; Health & Safety Manager;
– Architectural Technologist; Information
– Manager; Architectural Designer; Heating/
– Cooling System Designer; Electrical System
– Designer; Lighting System Designer;
– Structural Engineering Design; Civil
– Engineering Design; Transport Engineering
– Design.

Module list

Unite 8 : Mathematics for Construction
Unite 2: Construction Technology
Unite 18: Civil Engineering Technology

Unite 3: Science & Material
Unite 6: Construction information
Unite 20: Principle of structural design
Unite 4: Construction practice Management
Unite 1 : Individual Project
Unit 28 Further Mathematics for construction
Unit 29: Geotechnics and soil mechanics
Unit 42: Highway Engineering
Unit 45 Maintenance & Operation
Unit 30 Advanced structural Design
Unit 43 Hydraulics
Unit 22 Group Project

Entry requirement

Chindwin TU International college entry requirements comply with the minimum requirements
related to programme requirement. Entrants should have sufficient qualifications to gain them
entry to higher education in their own country.
Myanmar students with at least 17 years of age: one GCE (A) level subject in Mathematics or
science subject or successful completion of a recognized Access or Foundation programme or
IFC in Chindwin college or LCCI level 3 or Cambridge International Diploma or foundation year in
Myanmar Government University or City and Guilds level 3 or any other equivalent

Even though it could be so tiring right now, this will definitely help me thrive in the  future.

Aung Pyae Phyo

 Electronic Engineering Student, 2017